Canopy gives you a new way to find the best parts of the internet.

Whether you’re trying to quit your endless feeds or just want a new way to unwind, Canopy recommends a handful of things to enrich your day. Think of it like a daily links newsletter, with a few key differences:

Personalized just for you (and improves over time).

We have a diverse and ever-growing pool of content from the internet that we match to you based on things you’ve already enjoyed. From poems to podcasts, longreads to photo essays, Canopy finds the best corners of the internet for you to enjoy.

Powered by machine-learning, but directed by a real editor.

We know that algorithms don’t make neutral decisions, they make decisions based on the data that they’re fed and how they’re taught. To build a durable reputation for high-quality content, our editorial team selects every story that trains our algorithm. That way, none of our readers, no matter their predilections, will become trapped in a cycle of junk.

Completely private.

There’s no sign-up required or account to create. Just pick a handful of articles you like to get started. We use on-device machine learning to keep your behaviors and interactions on your device, in your hands.

Controllable and convenient.

Canopy puts you in control. See what powers your individual recommendations. Get your daily picks when you want them, whether you’re a morning reader or night owl.

Good things take time. Thank You!

We’re intentionally starting small, but if you want to try a sneak peek of Canopy you can sign-up for our iOS beta here:

We've added you to the list and will be in touch sometime soon. Thanks for your interest!