Bassey Etim and Matthew Ogle Join Canopy

Today we are excited to announce that Bassey Etim and Matthew Ogle have joined the Canopy team. In their previous work lives, Matt and Bassey have both built ethical products and services at scale that allow people to express themselves, learn from each other and discover new worlds. At Canopy they will focus on developing a new technical architecture that protects personal data and delivers an amazing, personalized content experience. They will both be based in our Brooklyn office.

At Canopy, we are working on something entirely new in the world of personalization and discovery. The addition of Bassey and Matt to the team will help us achieve our ambitious goals and show the world that you can do things differently through a combination of technology and human curation.

Matthew Ogle comes to Canopy from Instagram, where he worked across multiple teams and products — most recently Explore and Hashtags — to build features that help people discover and connect within Instagram's global community of over one billion. Prior to Instagram, Matt was a Product Director at Spotify responsible for launching Spotify's next generation of personalization and discovery features including Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix. Matt will be leading the overall consumer product vision for Canopy as we develop a broader private personalization architecture.

Bassey Etim is an artist, journalist, and technology manager. He spent the last 10 years as the Community Desk Editor at The New York Times, where he managed a team that built one of the most innovative community forums in the world. He ran the 16-person community management desk within the Times newsroom and was the editorial head of the Times’ Community development team. Bassey will lead development of the voice of Canopy’s recommendation architecture. His experience managing conversations at scale will help provide a human context and voice to our content recommendations.

Canopy launched in 2018 and is focused on giving users a new way to explore the world — without ever revealing their personal data. We believe privacy and personalization should have been built into the Internet from the beginning: with users in control of what they discover and how. We are developing a new kind of architecture, but also a new kind of company that optimizes for delight and discovery.

published by:
Annika Goldman
January 15, 2019