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Refreshingly Simple

Every day, we comb the internet for the best content and deliver a personalized set of recommendations from diverse sources for a delightful and unique experience. We won't recommend breaking news or hot takes - the rest of the internet has that covered.

Optimized for you

Our editors work with custom-made machine learning tools to tailor the internet’s hidden gems to your vibe. The algorithm and human curators work together to give you the best content to enrich and inspire you.

Private by Default

You don’t have to log in, and we don’t even ask for your email. Your data stays on your device, in your hands at all times. It’s the best of the internet — on your terms.

You're in Control

With Tonic, you can see, change, or even reset your own personalization settings whenever you like—just long press any article to steer your future picks.

Found on Tonic

So far, Tonic has recommended articles from over 550 publications and websites. Hopefully, we can offer you a taste of the unexpected joys of the old internet, and help you find hidden gems that you just can't stop thinking about. Here's a small sampling of the articles we're recommending right now: 


Where does the content come from?

Hi! This is Bassey, and I run editorial at Tonic. Our team scours the open web for articles, art and miscellaneous weird stuff. If we think Tonic readers might be interested in an item, and it’s high quality and it doesn’t use clickbait tricks, we approve it for recommendation in the app.

At that point, the Canopy private personalization model optimizes delivery of specific items based on your tastes and preferences.

Rest assured, everything you see in the app was vetted by a real human, working under a professional journalistic standard. That means we only recommend content to serve our readers, rather than any outside interests.

How does Tonic work?

Tonic recommends articles each day based on what you read in the app. To get started, you select a handful of reads during onboarding that pique your curiosity. On your second day, we’ll give you personalized recs based on your choices. Over time, the different stories you read power what you’re recommended on Tonic.

If you want to have more influence over your recommendations -- say you read something you really loved, or changed your mind about an article after you finished it -- you can control the weight they have on your picks. On the Activity screen, press and hold on a read to change how much it influences your future picks.

I have more questions! How can I contact you?

Send us a note. You can either send an anonymous message in the app, or email us at support@canopy.cr.

What does Tonic know about me?

Tonic is private by default. You don’t have to log in, and we don’t even ask for your email. Tonic’s underlying Canopy technology ensures that your data stays on your device, in your hands at all times.

Why is Tonic only available in the US?

One of the things we care a lot about with Tonic is recommending a diverse range of sources and writers you might not otherwise find. We’re initially curating with a US-audience in mind, and heard during our beta program that we weren’t surfacing much content from other markets. Before launching more broadly, we would want to invest in uncovering the right people and publications to recommend. In the future we hope to expand to other markets (and beyond iOS)!