Canopy is a new personalization engine for a better internet.

It's time for a new internet era

We’ve built a private, explainable and controllable architecture that gives you the power of discovery while keeping your data secure. We combine on-device machine learning and differential privacy to ensure no personal data leaves your device.

Stop the unfair value exchange

The old way of experiencing the internet requires you to give away your personal data for subpar experiences. This leaves you vulnerable to misuse of your data, hacking, manipulation, radicalization, and hate speech.

The Canopy ecosystem

We are working on a series of experiences that benefit from this new architecture. Whether you love our products or first encountered us through one of our partners, you’re part of the growing Canopy ecosystem and benefit from our values.

Introducing our new app, Tonic

Whether you’re trying to cut down on your endless news feeds or eliminate all the noise and clickbait, Tonic is a new way to discover the best of the internet.

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