Canopy is a new way to experience discovery.

Built for privacy, optimized for delight.
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Canopy’s app helps you discover sights, sounds, and stories to inspire your life.

Experience personalized discovery while protecting your privacy.

Canopy uses on-device machine learning to understand what you like in order to predict what you’ll love.

We’re taking a new approach to personalized discovery. One that doesn’t require knowing every action you take or every preference you have.

Your personal data stays on your phone, in your hands. Canopy doesn’t see your personal information or track your behavior. We don’t know your activity or your history—in fact, there’s not even a sign-up. No login required.

Unlock great recommendations with a private summary of your tastes.

Our app looks at things you like—songs you’ve played, places you’ve explored, articles you’ve read and loved—and makes a summary of your tastes. This vector can’t be reverse engineered to identify you or your personal preferences. Most importantly, nothing but this unidentifiable summary leaves your phone.

Canopy uses this anonymized summary, along with other anonymized summaries, as a roadmap to find content you’ll enjoy. We then share these picks back to you in your app each day.

Find the best parts of the internet each day.

Every day Canopy will send you a handful of new recommendations. We won’t send you breaking news, but rather stories and sounds to excite, inspire, and motivate you.

At Canopy we optimize for delight. Our goal is to enrich and energize your day.

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Work with us

Canopy was formed with the notion that we can do better with personalization and privacy. We are looking for exceptional individuals who are committed to making the Internet a better and safer place for all, one private recommendation at a time.

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Canopy is proud to be supported by a stellar set of investors from Spotify, WeWork, Splice, MIT Media Lab, Keybase, and many others, led by Antonio Rodriguez at Matrix Partners.